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I was VERY satisfied with my care. Weddington Physical Therapy & Wellness is a great place to work out. It is very clean and I felt that I received the care needed. I would recommend Michael to my friends because he treated me like I was the only patient he had. The one-on-one treatment is so needed in my recovery. I am so glad that Michael was recommended to me. He was able to let me know that every pain I felt was ok to experience because it is part of the healing process. I have been to other therapy clinics and Weddington PT was the best! – Mrs. J.

I was very satisfied with the care I received and I appreciate all that Michael has done. I would absolutely recommend Weddington Physical Therapy and Wellness to others. There is nothing else that could have been done to better suit my needs. Thank you for making the experience so beneficial without making me hurt. - Mrs. B.N.
I am extremely satisfied with my treatment. Michael is very patient with his clients and he is a hard working individual. I have already recommended him to others and there is nothing I could think of to make the experience any better. Thank you so much for sticking with me until the end. - Miss N
The services at Weddington Physical Therapy and Wellness are perfect and I always feel comfortable. I am so very satisfied with the service I receive. Michael is easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor, he makes you feel like family. I have been in therapy for four months and enjoyed every moment. Michael knows what to do for you and teaches you how to continue therapy at home. You want to continue the exercise even if it hurts. If I ever need therapy again I will definitely come back and recommend WPTW to anyone. Jim is also wonderful, kind and thoughtful and makes you feel welcome! Mrs. V.B.
My satisfaction with Weddington PT on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being 'Very Pleased' is a 10! I always recommend them to others and have made several referrals because of how pleased I have been with the services provided. My deepest thanks go out to Michael and Mr. Jim for making the past four months a healing, as well as a fun experience.
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