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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Physical Therapy?        There are lots of definitions as to what physical therapy is but the best answer we can give is that we are here to help you heal, rebuild your body physically, and then preserve its current condition to assist with preventing further decline to reduce the risk of injury. 

How do I get referred for physical therapy?       A person can be referred for physical therapy by their MD or by DIRECT AccESS. The most common way we receive patients to our clinic is by DIRECT ACCESS. What that means is that in the state of NC, you can walk in to a clinic without an MD referral and have an assessment performed by the therapist.  Our therapists have received their doctoral degrees and are able to treat most cases without an MD referral. If your condition requires an MD referral, we will handle that process for you by working closely with your MD and obtaining the orders we need.  Legally you have a choice of where you want to receive therapy.  You may choose any therapy clinic that best suits your needs.

What do I need on my first visit?        Each patient should bring their insurance card and driver’s license.  On your first visit there will be several forms that will need to be filled out so that we can better understand your needs.  These forms can be downloaded from our website and filled out at your convenience before your visit or will be given to you at your initial assessment visit.  (Please come 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time if you need to fill out forms in our office).

How long are the sessions?        Your initial evaluation will take approximately 1-1 ½ hours depending on your individual needs.(actual evaluation and paperwork)   Each regular session will last about 40 minutes to an hour depending on the severity on your condition. 

What does my insurance cover and which ones do you take?       Currently we accept most major medical insurances but if we are not on the providers list for your insurance, we will work out a payment plan to fit your individual needs. (ask the business manager)  We never want to exclude someone from receiving care based on financial status.  We will do our best to work out a fair payment plan to better serve you.  Each insurance company pays at different rates for our services.  You may contact them to see if we are in your network and how much your personal plan covers for outpatient therapy services.  *You will be responsible for your co-pay amount at the time services are rendered.  We will handle the billing side with your insurance company.  You are responsible for services rendered that your insurance does not cover.  Make sure you are familiar with your insurance coverage. 

What should I wear to my therapy session?     It is best that you wear clothes that are comfortable such as shorts/sweat pants or workout clothes.  You may be participating in various stretching, and physical activity that will require appropriate attire. 

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